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Jack Foisy
A friend of mine recently learned of Metallic Hydrogen, such as what we theorize lies beneath the clouds of Jupiter, and thought that hydrogen should be catagorized as a metalloid on the periodic table. We discussed this for some time, with me stating that the periodic table only pertains to elements at room temperature and sea level pressure, and

Lily Raines
Translations to Arabic Last updated: 5 July 2018   Either decide as a group who will review what, or volunteer using this document:   Activity Primary Translator Second Reviewer Third Reviewer # 1 # 2 Taghreed Al-Noor # 3 Taghreed Al-Noor # 4 Taghreed Al-Noor # 6 Taghreed Al-Noor # 7 - 8 Taghreed Al-Noor # 9 Taghreed
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Eric Tango
Hi Everyone, I hope that someone could relate to this kind of smell. I know it's chemistry but it is a little hard to know what this smell actually is and what causes it to smell like this. So here we go...   I am a Filipino and have always been intrigued about this kind of smell that I am going to ask you about. I have relatives who live in
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Semora Smith
Dear Senior Chemists,   The following is a link to the July 2019 issue of the Newsletter for Senior Chemists.    The Newsletter for Senior Chemists   We hope you will enjoy reading this issue. We welcome your comments and suggestions. The Newsletter would not be possible without the help of our readers. We publish a wide