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Jody N
I notice when I do the dishes or clean the kitchen or bathroom that my fingers and cuticles and beneath my nails turn black, almost like blackberry staining, except it just seems to be in the skin grooves. I look like a mechanic. Nothing I do makes it go away. This does not seem to happen to anyone else in the family, but maybe no one else cleans… (Show more)
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Barbara Belmont
Hello Fellow Travelers!  Here is what's happening at the Fall 2018 ACS National Meeting in Boston with an LGBTQ+ Focus:   Sunday, Aug 19 1:30- 3:15pm, PROF Symposium: Importance of LGBTQ+ Role Models & Mentors in Chemical Sciences: A Symposium in honor of Barbara Belmont; Mann 1/2, Aloft Boston Seaport; Cooperative Cosponsor: PRES; Nominal… (Show more)
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Donivan Porterfield
Good Afternoon,   Attached is the is the electronic Fall Regional Meeting Subcommittee agenda packet. As a reminder, our subcommittee meeting is taking place on Saturday, August 18th from 2-5:00 p.m. in the BCEC room 204.   Copies of the agenda and supporting materials will be printed and available for you in the meeting room.   The…
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