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Ruishi Fang
Chemical Element ZXY Axis Electronic Arrangement Table Tabulation principle: Please refer to the ACS network "Reasoning Analysis of the Molecular Rearrangement and Key Migration are False Appearances "
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Philip Rothwell
I am interested in producing a solid propellant rocket that is heat-neutral.  What endothermic chemical reaction might produce a high volume of gas when used in conjunction with (consuming heat from) an exothermic propellant?  Could such an endothermic reaction be triggered by the heat of the burning exothermic propellant?  (avenues of inquiry… (Show more)
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Christine Brennan Schmidt
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Josh Kurutz
Dr. Seth Darling- Argonne National Laboratory - Director of the Institute for Molecular EngineeringThe End of Water As We Know ItPLUS: Distinguished Service Award for Amber Arzadon 50-,60-year Member RecognitionABSTRACTWe are witnessing the end of the golden age of water. Freshwater was once abundant, cheap, and safe for humans, but that is…
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Hassen Jaafar
The Edmonton-based organizing committee, University of Alberta Department of Chemistry, and its Conference Chair Jonathan Veinot are pleased to host the 101st Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CSC 2018). This annual Canadian Society for Chemistry event brings together the Canadian and international chemistry communities to share their… (Show more)
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Atanas Atanasov

Two 3-year PHD student positions in human stem cell-based diseasemodelling, Center for Preclinical Technologies (CePT), Warsaw MedicalUniversity, Poland se-modeling-center-for-preclinical-technologies-cept-warsaw-medical-university-p oland/


#INPST #Science #Health #Diet #Nutrition #Chemistry #Biology#Biochemistry #Biotech 

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    Angela Morris
    The Committee on Corporation Associates (CA) invites ACS Local Sections and International Chapters to apply for grants to support their industry-focused events, including job fairs or panel discussions with industry leaders. For more information and to apply, visit the CA Local Section and International Chapter Grants webpage.    CA also offers… (Show more)
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    Ralph Scerbo
    Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) is a widely used chemical intermediate that's found in a number of resins, plastic products, coatings, adhesives, paints, emulsion polymers, and acrylic fibers.   More specifically, VAM is a monomer for synthesis of nitrile rubber, PVAc emulsions, PVOH, EVA copolymers, vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymers, PVBl,… (Show more)
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